What if I am new to exercise and fitness? Will I be able to do CrossFit workouts?

Absolutely! Whether you are 15 or 75, in great shape, or haven’t exercised before, workouts can always be scaled and modified to each individual’s ability. As long as you are giving 100% effort, no matter what that looks or feels like, you will get 100% of the benefits and become more physically fit. Don’t wait to get in “better” shape before you try CrossFit, come get started with us!

How long are the classes?

Each CrossFit class is approximately 60 minutes. The class is broken down as follows: 5-10 minute warm up, 15-20 minute review of the skill of the day, and no more than a 30 minute workout.

How often should I workout?

The more you attend CrossFit classes, the more physically fit you wil become. It’s that simple. You can attend as many classes as you would like, but you must plan at  least one “rest” day per week. The CrossFit prescription is 3 days on and 1 day off.

What should I bring/wear to Vanquish Athletics?

Please wear athletic footwear and clothing that will not restrict your movement or be uncomfortable during workouts. Don’t forget your water bottle! Towels are provided.