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Rey is such a good teacher. I was afraid to try cross-fit bc of some auto-immune issues but with his guidance, I have succesfully completed the foundations class and I did NOT hurt myself. I have never done a workout class where I gained strength so quickly. Really enjoyed the new skills I've learned. Can't wait to go back. People at this gym are very friendly and encouraging. If you are thinking about doing cross-fit, Vanquish is the place to go!

Rachael G Member

My wife and I really enjoy coming here. We bought 24 class sessions from Groupon, and couldn't be happier with our decision to get in better shape. Rey is a great guy, and the workouts are challenging but scalable. Safety is always first, and Rey ensures we are practicing proper technique at all times. If you're new to the whole crossfit thing, don't be put off - Rey will break everything down. I think the hardest thing is the terminology and remembering moves, but it just takes practice. I'd definitely recommend this place to those wanting to get in shape in a positive atmosphere.

Javier A. Member

Great place to workout. I recently moved to the area and found Vanquish. I never had done cross fit, but after starting with Rey, I love it. If you are looking for a great place and a great staff, I highly recommend Vanquish.

Tyler R. Member

Rey is the owner/coach and I really like his emphasis on doing the exercises correctly and with the proper form. He tailors the work out to your individual abilities and the classes are small enough so he is able to provide individual attention.

John H Member

Great place to work out. Rey and his staff are great coaches and motivators.

Tom S. Member

Great coach and programming!
I would highly recommend to try it

Travis H. Member

Vanquish is an awesome gym with an amazing community! You won't be disappointed. I had ACL surgery and swas back at crossfit, a week after surgery. The trainer Rey was with me every step of the way and helped me modify the workouts as I was healing. He is an expert in helping you obtain your goals especially if you have had an injury. Don't be afraid of crossfit, it's for any skill level!

Nicole G. Member

I never thought cross fit would be a good fit for me....but I was so wrong!!!!! Physical and mental strength has been built thanks to the amazing coaches and community.

Jess Beystrum Vanquish Member

Great people to work out with. Positive and encouraging coach who instructs proper technique before anything else. Great place to spend my week, and I'll be back for sure next time I'm up in the area!

Michael U. Member

Amazing coach, great workouts and great people! I wouldn't go back to my old gym for anything!

Janie Y. Member

I love this place! I enjoy the workouts and have really surprised myself with how much I've been able to progress. Rey is such a supportive coach and has really made coming to crossfit super enjoyable. He's always on the lookout to make sure that we have the technique down so we don't injure ourselves. He knows his stuff! Everyone treats each other as family here and that has really resonated with me... Cause a family that WOD's together, gainz together

Aja A. Member

Vanquish Athletics is an excellent place to get in shape. Coach/owner Rey Vidaurri goes out of his way to make sure that you get the attention you need and makes sure you are working at a level that is safe, but challenging.

Everyone I have met at Vanquish has an excellent attitude and focus on improving themselves and creating a welcoming environment to everyone who comes through the door.

I can't say enough good things about this gym, or the people in it. If you're looking for a new place to workout, check them out!

Derrick F. Member

The owner and coach Rey keeping his students safe while encouraging them to push their limits. Every week I I'm surprised and excited at what I accomplish with Rey's help. My quality of life has improved significantly sincerely I joined Rey's program.

Brian B. Member

Dropping inches and getting strong. Awesome community of people who challenge each other. Awesome place!

Kelli J. Member

This place is amazing! Love the community and trainers! Such a great place!

Scott B. Member

Great atmosphere and great people! My Kansas box when I'm away from home!

Alfred Leija Vanquish Member

Thanks for hosting the Open! Great gym with awesome members. Loved seeing how you modified the workout for members with physical disabilities. Great job!

Ben G. Member

I dropped in for 2 days and Rey made me feel right at home. Great job coaching and encouraging those of us that were there. Thanks Rey.

Doug P. Member

Amazing team. Amazing coach. Thank you for welcoming me!

Sarah A. Member

Wonderful people best sweating I've done my PR's have been plentiful. Thanks Ray

Mark D. Member

Best gym I have ever been to! Great people and amazing trainers. It's a great challenge, if you follow the program you will get the results you want.

Andrew C. Member

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Was there for 3 weeks and loved it. Rea is awesome trainer and so is his staff. They treated me like family and would go out of there way to help anyone. See you in February

James V. Member